Privacy Policy

We are committed to protecting your privacy. That’s why we’ve put in place the following Privacy Policy. This Privacy Policy explains what information you provide us with is handled and also describes how we collect and use data from users of the Hotlinko Network. This Policy applies to the “Hotlinko Network,” which comprises the entire set of Web pages, including newsletters, discussion forums, newsletters, and lists, as well as opt-in and notification lists operated or owned through Hotlinko LTD. and all of its owned subsidiaries wholly owned by the company (collectively”the “Site”) homepage (collectively in the following paragraphs ” Hotlinko “). Using the Hotlinko Network, you agree to the data collection and usage practices described in this Privacy Statement.

We guarantee that we will not use your data solely in ways that align with this Privacy Policy. It is as follows:

What information do you have, and how do you collect it?

Do you have IP addresses? Every computer connected to the Internet has a domain name and several numbers that act as the machine’s “Internet Protocol” IP address. If a user requests the page of any website within the Hotlinko Network, our servers automatically detect the visitor’s DNS name and IP. The IP address and domain name provide no information about you besides the IP address you visited our Sites. We utilize this information to analyze our global traffic, determine abuse from the Hotlinko Network and its users, and cooperate with law enforcement. We do not gather and examine this information on particular people. Additionally, our servers do not automatically track the email addresses of site visitors.

Cookies: What is it?
Sometimes, Hotlinko or its advertisers could send an occasional “cookie” to your personal computer. The term “cookie” refers to a piece of information transmitted through your Internet browser by a Web server and then stored on your computer’s hard drive. Cookies can’t read data off your computer’s hard drive or access cookie files generated by other websites. Cookies do not damage your system. Cookies are used to determine the specific areas of the Hotlinko network you’ve visited or customized. This means that the next time you go to these pages, they will be accessible. Our advertisers can also use cookies to determine how many times you’ve seen their advertisements. Our advertisers and we could use this information to customize the banners, content, and advertisements you encounter on our Website. You have the option of choosing to accept cookies by altering the preferences of your Internet browser. You can set your browser to reject all cookies or let your browser inform you the moment a cookie has been transmitted. Suppose you decide not to allow these cookies to be used. In that case, the experience with our Site and other websites might be diminished, and some features might not function according to the plan.

What is the best way to use single-pixel GIFs?
Hotlinko, as well as its third-party service providers and advertisers, could utilize single-pixel gifs, often referred to as Web bugs or Web beacons, to track Web pages that are visited and to gather specific general statistics. Hotlinko does not collect personal information employing this use. Our advertisers and other third-party providers might use single-pixel gifs, which can collect personal data from cookies previously installed on a computer used by a user. Hotlinko utilizes various third-party providers to monitor and analyze aggregate non-personally identifiable usage data from users of our websites, to enhance the performance of our websites and the services we offer to users.

What personal data do you keep?
We will include the Privacy Policy in all instances where Hotlinko gathers personal information. We will request your consent to provide us with information that identifies you as a person (personal data) or permits the company to reach you. The personal information we gather can be your full name, job title, business or company name, email address, telephone number, the address of your residence or workplace, details about your work-related activities, information regarding your business, and credit card details.

We may ask for your email address or postal address when running a contest or providing additional services (for instance, the ability to subscribe to lists of announcements or information about trade shows and conferences). Participation in contests and other promotions offered on the Hotlinko Network is voluntary. You are free to choose to provide or not disclose your details. The requested information could include contact details (such as name or postal address) and demographic information (such as zip code). Contact details will be used to notify winners and to award prizes.

Suppose you’re purchasing items through the Hotlinko Network. In that case, We, along with any third-party service provider, must know your name, email address, mailing address, credit card number, and expiration date. This allows us, as well as other third-party vendors, to process and complete your order as well as to inform you about the status of your order. Email and credit card details will not be divulged to or sold to a third party for any reason unless specifically described in this Privacy Statement without your explicit consent.

Hotlinko also provides access to certain services which require registration. We can use your registration information to send notifications of services and products via post or email. We can share this information with our clients, and they might also send you promotional material. We could also utilize the IP address of your computer internally and give it to third-party partners.

When you sign up for an Hotlinko electronic newsletter, you can sign up to receive targeted mailings from third parties. The decision on whether or not you wish to be notified of these announcements is yours. If you decide to receive notifications from one of the distribution lists, you will be receiving commercial messages from third-party companies that have signed contracts with Hotlinko to deliver emails to those on the list. You may stop the arrival of these announcement lists at any time by removing your email address from the list by forwarding the announcement list to f5******dc0@4*** or by following the instructions on the emails you receive.

When you sign-up for an account on a Hotlinko discussion forum, your name or name is recorded only to help you maintain your account within the platform. The information collected is not used to track your activities within the forum and is not employed to chase you out of the Hotlinko network.

Suppose you use co-branded services or those offered by a third party that are part of the Hotlinko Network. In that case, your personal information could be shared with the co-brand or a third-party service provider. Their use of your data can be subject to respective privacy policies.

From time to time, send emails to announce new products and services. Provide your address for postal purposes on an online application. For example, you could receive mailers from Hotlinko or other third-party businesses.

Will you divulge the data you collect to third-party companies?
Hotlinko will share personal information as well as your IP address
1.) To communicate with you about additional products and services relevant to you (including services we offer in conjunction with other companies). If you wish, you can decide to stop receiving such communications;
2.) If it is required by law or in good faith conviction that this act is required to:
A) Participate in the investigation of suspected illegal activities and abide by the edicts of the law or comply with legal procedures served on Hotlinko;
b) Guard and safeguard the rights and properties of the Hotlinko Network of sites and associated properties and users of these sites and related properties. Hotlinko Network of properties and sites;
c) Find out who might violate the laws or in violation of the Hotlinko legal notice and the Web User Agreement for the Site, or the rights of third-party users or otherwise misuse of this Hotlinko network or associated properties.
d) Complete a user’s purchase or request;
3.) To complete and process your order or inform you about the status of your order;
4.) If you have given us your consent to share your personal information with you;
5.) If you sign up for co-branded services that are part of our web-based network and services, you permit us to forward the information you provided during registration back to the service provider. The use of your data is subject to the respective privacy policies. We have an uncompromising “No-Spam” policy, which means we will not rent, sell or give away your email address to any third party without your authorization or following the Privacy Policies.

What else do I need to be aware of about my privacy while on the Internet?
Hotlinko may make use of third-party advertising firms and networks to display advertisements to you based upon details (not comprising your personal information such as name, email address, postal contact number, or email address) about your use of our websites to deliver targeted ads about products and services that might be relevant to you when browsing other websites.

The Hotlinko Network includes a variety of hyperlinks to other websites. Additionally, the Hotlinko Network also has advertisements from third-party advertisers. Hotlinko is not accountable for the privacy policies or contents of the third-party Web sites or advertisements. Hotlinko does not provide any of the private information you supply to Hotlinko with any third party to whom Hotlinko connects, except as mentioned in this Privacy Policy. However, Hotlinko could provide general, aggregate information with third-party companies (such as the number of people who visit the Site). Check with these Web websites to find out their privacy policies.

Suppose you participate in the discussion threads on Hotlinko forums. In that case, You should know that the information you provide that is personally identifiable you post there could be viewed, collected, or utilized by other members of these forums and may be used to send you unwanted messages. We cannot be held accountable for any personally identifiable information you submit in these discussion threads. To protect your email address and other personal data from being collected and used by other people to serve harmful or unintentional reasons, Hotlinko advises that you be aware when you post your actual email address or any additional personal information to chats, newsgroups, or any other public forums.

Keep in mind that the information may be collected and used by other people if you decide to divulge personal data online, such as via email discussion lists, discussion forums, or any other means. If you publish personal information online, which is publically accessible and you can receive unwanted messages from other people in exchange.

Some Hotlinko media properties have an online shopping cart that protects the information it holds by employing industry-standard SSL (Secure Socket Layer) secured servers. SSL encodes the information that is sent between the server and you making it inaccessible to anyone who tries to access the data. Unfortunately, some Hotlinko media properties don’t utilize SSL and do not provide an encrypted method to transfer data. You are ultimately accountable for keeping the security of your data. Make sure you are cautious and responsible when you are online.

Transfers to business
We’re always looking to enhance our Website network and our business. To achieve these goals, we might sell assets, companies, or Web sites, or one or more companies that are part of our corporate family could merge with or acquire by a different business. In addition, as a result of the above, we might transfer certain as well as all your data to ensure that the services being offered to you continue or be used for other commercial reasons.

Terms of Use
This Agreement is to be solely interpreted and controlled according to the law of New York, the United States, that applies to agreements entered into and performed in New York, the state of New York, United States. You acknowledge the legal proceedings or legal proceeding among Hotlinko and you in connection with the subject matter of this Agreement or the obligations of the parties hereunder is to be conducted exclusively before a state or federal judge of competent jurisdiction located within Manhattan, State of New York, United States and you expressly agree to the sole personal court jurisdiction of the courts. This Agreement is the complete Agreement of the parties regarding how to use this Site and is in addition to any prior oral or written agreements or agreements between the parties regarding this Site. The invalidity or inability to enforce any provision in this Agreement is not a hindrance to the enforceability or validity of any other clause in this Agreement.

Your Consent To This Agreement
When you sign up to this Website and the Hotlinko Network, you agree to the use and collection of data by Hotlinko as described above. We have the right to amend this Policy. Should we choose to modify our Privacy Policy, we will publish the changes on this webpage to ensure you’re aware of the types of information we gather as well as how we utilize it and in what circumstances we will disclose the information.

For any inquiries, please send an email to: the Privacy Policy of Hotlinko to f5******dc0@4***

Be aware that your usage of the Hotlinko web-based network is subject to our legal notice.

Hotlinko is a participant in participating in the Safe Harbor program and adheres to the Safe Harbor principles developed by the U.S. Department of Commerce and the European Union or Switzerland. For more information about the Safe Harbor program, please visit the U.S. Department of Commerce’s Safe Harbor website

Hotlinko has also committed to refer any privacy concerns that remain unresolved under the US-EU Privacy Principles or the Swiss Safe Harbor Principles to an independent dispute resolution process that is which is called the BBB EU or Swiss SAFE HARBOR, which is operated through the Council of Better Business Bureaus. If you do not receive timely acknowledgment of your complaint, or if Hotlinko does not satisfactorily address your complaint, please visit the BBB EU OR SWISS SAFE HARBOR website at for more information and to file a complaint.