What does an SEO Content Writer do, and how is it different from an SEO Copywriter?

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What does an SEO Content Writer do, and how is it different from an SEO Copywriter?

A difference is often made between SEO content writers and SEO copywriters. The SEO content writer is more concerned with mentioning a series of keywords in the texts. SEO copywriter is more interested in connecting with the user and using persuasive language. Both approaches are not incompatible.

If someone writes with people in mind, Google will like it. Even so, thinking about people also implies knowing the words they use to refer to the topics that interest them. When someone writes with Google in mind, they have to keep in mind that robotic texts don’t work. An SEO text also has to be designed for people. Your blog articles have to hook the reader.

In this post, I want to know the difference between these two approaches when writing an article and how an SEO writer can help you.

The SEO Content Writer: what approach does he have, and what type of texts does he write?

SEO content writers are generally content writers who have collaborated with SEO agencies or with people who create niche pages. They are used to being told certain keywords they must include in the texts. Normally, the texts have a main keyword and a whole series of secondary keywords that should also be mentioned.

They possess a solid understanding of editing articles, ensuring the enhancement of their structure. A good freelance SEO content writer writes an article thinking that it contains as many synonyms and information as possible so that it can adapt to a greater number of keywords, position itself in the top positions on Google and attract more traffic.

The type of content that an SEO content writer usually makes is the following:

Texts that are published on other blogs or external pages to improve the off-page SEO and link building of a specific website, generally that of a client of the SEO agency.

Content for corporate blogs: 

These are companies that want to create content on their blog with an SEO focus. Each post has a main keyword that we try to position, and for this, content is oriented to that and other keywords. The objective is to try to come out in the first results. Create blog articles based on long-tail to improve organic traffic in the medium-long term. Include internal links so that the website is well organized. Establish an effective content strategy seamlessly intertwined with the organization’s SEO plan.

Curation of content to include LSI keywords:

It consists of rewriting articles already written and published, enriching them with synonyms and keywords conceptually related to others. The acronym LSI stands for “Latent Semantic Indexing”. It is important because Google does not focus solely on the frequency of use of certain terms but also takes into account the “semantic field” that we use. That is, synonyms and related words.

Texts for niche pages:

We are talking about web pages that the owner wants to position to obtain benefits through affiliate links. When someone clicks on the links in those texts, they are redirected to a page where they can purchase a product or service. The owner of the website charges a commission for each sale he makes. There is a huge market for creating niche pages with Amazon affiliates.

If you have a good approach to SEO content writing, this type of content can be done without problems. I have written texts of all four types. The truth is, beyond using the most convenient keywords, the freelance SEO content writer also has to take into account some copywriting techniques whose objective is not only sales but can also have positive effects on positioning. Web.

At the end of the day, what search engines are interested in is quality content, which resolves the search intention of users. It is not enough to do a word analysis with the Google Keyword Planner and try to include most of them; it is also important to do it thinking about the user and their specific needs. A good writer knows not only how to write but also has knowledge of digital marketing and how to direct your content to position yourself on Google or get new clients. SEO optimization is part of your job.

Starting from a content strategy, the SEO content writer must do a keyword analysis and be very clear about how to create new posts oriented to what your buyer persona (ideal client) needs. This way, content optimized to the user’s search intention can be created. To achieve this, there is nothing better than using content marketing techniques to satisfy your informational and decision-making needs.

What is a copywriter, and how is it different from an SEO content writer?

The copywriter, or simple copy, is what we have almost always called an advertising or creative writer. However, this concept has adopted new nuances lately, thanks to Web 2.0. We had in mind that a creative is someone who creates content for brands or advertising agencies, such as slogans, creative texts, advertisements, etc. But a 2.0 copywriter is someone familiar with the new ways of selling over the Internet.

Copywriters, unlike SEO copywriters, tend to have a more creative approach. They are usually not so obsessed with SEO but rather with CRO (conversion rate optimization). That is, texts are one of the factors that influence sales. While they may not be the sole entities, their significance cannot be overstated.

The types of texts that a copywriter usually makes are:

Landing page:

A landing page is a web page designed and structured to generate the greatest number of conversions. They can have different purposes: to obtain leads (prospects or subscribers for a mailing list) or sales (for the user to buy a specific product, service or course). As you can imagine, the text on a landing page is practically everything. A landing page can be straightforward from a design standpoint.

Personal brand and storytelling:

The copy can also have the objective of reflecting the essence and differentiating characteristics of a professional, telling their story and experience creatively to generate trust.

Product descriptions:

These are texts for the product sheets of online stores. You can adopt a more SEO writer’s approach or copywriting techniques for this type of creation. As they are sales-oriented texts, it is vital to highlight the advantages and not simply list the product’s features.

E-mail marketing:

It is another type of content that a good copywriter would make, who must know who they are addressing and the appropriate writing techniques to connect with subscribers. Some copies are only specialized in writing e-mails for newsletters. The objective of these texts can be very variable, depending on the strategy of the brand or website owner.

Creative content:

These are texts aimed at being integrated into a specific advertising campaign, where the focus, tone and emotions to be transmitted for that campaign take precedence. In general, these are jobs that advertising agencies usually commission.

The texts that a copywriter creates often need to be oriented to Google. In e-mail marketing, for example, Google neither clicks nor cuts. There are other rules. The same thing happens on some landing pages. Normally, they need to be made thinking about Google ranking them. The primary traffic source will often be a Facebook ad and Google ad campaign.

But SEO (Search Engine Optimization) must be present on every web page and in texts created by a copywriter of any type. If your content does not rank on Google, it may not be correctly presented, or you are not responding to what people are searching for on that topic.

If you want to stand out, the texts must attract attention. Looking around a website and going completely cold without anything prompting you to interact is straightforward.

Who can help me more, an SEO Content Writer or a copywriter?

The answer to this question is straightforward. It depends on the type of text you want to create. SEO in Spain is an essential issue for many companies, which know they need to enhance their keyword strategy to reach their target audience.

Now, SEO content writers need to know copywriting techniques as well. Suppose you are going to write text for a niche page, for example. In that case, you not only have to think about pure SEO or follow your keyword research exactly but also make sure that the content is persuasive.

And the same goes for the copies. Having some knowledge of SEO positioning is useful when creating texts. Not because we have to scramble and write down all the possible synonyms and keywords we find. But knowing a little about SEO will help you learn, for example, the most common vocabulary the user uses. This is what an SEO copywriteror SEO copywriter would be.

For my part, the techniques of both types of writers are useful, but first of all, we must be clear about the objective of our texts.

Now you are a little more explicit about what SEO writing is, why it is crucial to have an SEO content writer and what the differences are with copywriting. If you want to talk about the topic or are looking for SEO content to have a good position, I invite you to contact me or leave a comment.



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